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Welcome to the family, Slack!

Modern working life is changing permanently

Modern working life is rapidly changing. New hybrid work, which combines remote and on-site work, is entrepreneurial, flexible, diverse, and networked, and it is done in many groups and roles at the same time. Our times call for solutions to make it easier, smoother, and more efficient to do knowledge work.

Slack is the perfect complement to our solution portfolio. Slack and Google’s software offer our customers the best solutions for digital work available today.

Slack is an application for internal communication in groups and organisations. According to various global estimates, Slack has about four million daily users. It was developed in 2013 out of a San Francisco company named Tiny Speck, where the first version of Slack was initially used as the company’s internal communication system. The following year, Slack was commercialised and made available to everyone around the world.


The full potential of Slack is often untapped

Slack holds an established position in numerous companies, but it is often seen as little more than an internal communication tool. Slack has enormous potential for purposes as essential as building the critical processes in an organisation.

We can help in Slack deployments, define its role in the company’s range of tools, and lay the ground rules for using Slack. We can help to rebuild working processes so that work can be done as smoothly as possible. In the best cases, we build tailored solutions that integrate Slack into the company’s other systems.

So far, we have acted as a local partner for companies that want to use Google’s tools more effectively in their businesses. A successful end result often calls for changes in the corporate culture and the way of thinking about work. And that calls for clear management and perseverance. We have always helped our customers in this field. In the future, Slack will also be on board.