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Let’s build a framework for your future business

There is no going back to the old conventional working environment. There needs to be a reason to come to the office and work there.

Hybrid work can be demanding in many ways for both employers and employees. We help you build a framework for your business that ensures all employees and teams can work smoothly.

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What are the requirements for hybrid work?

Tools that allow people to achieve their goals at work, regardless of their location.

Functional and agile internal processes to support work.

Smart solutions that guarantee effective communications and equal treatment.

Further training and retraining continuously offered to employees to improve their working methods.

Flexible and easy-to-run data security solutions.

Everything you need to get anything done

We can provide you with everything you need to ensure smooth operations in the future. We offer the best technologies, tools and working processes to make work run smoothly.

Tools and technologies

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Google Workspace

Everything you need to get anything done.

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For building internal processes and instant messaging.

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A digital work environment, enterprise social network and conversation channel that brings your employees together.

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Chrome Enterprise & Chromebooks

Chromebooks make work easier and more manageable, securely and at a reasonable cost.

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Support and working processes


Gapps’s support services

Human-oriented user support and guidance for Google Workspace customers.

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"Gapps has been a one-stop shop for us. We have benefitted greatly from its expertise at all stages of the overhaul process."


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"Gapps’s most important resource is its holistic view of change management and successfully completing projects."


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From planning to execution

We are able to help you plan and build the framework for your future work.

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