Google Workspace Health Check Test

Get the most out of your Google Workspace. This Health Check test helps you find any underlying issues.

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Are you using tools within Google Workspace like Gmail, Meet, Calendar?

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Have you defined what tools to use and when?

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Are you using the Chrome browser management in your Google Workspace?

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Are you using Google Workplace apps like Gmail, Calendar and others in their native browser app, or are you using third party applications?

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Have you set internal policies for using and managing shared accounts or shared inboxes?

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Are you using shared calendars?

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Are you using Google Editors (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms)?

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Are you using Google Shared Drives?

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Are files and folders easily findable for the employees? Do you have a clear folder structure and naming practices in place?

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Do you have intranet or any other internal knowledge base?

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Do you have clear instructions on how documents and files are shared inside and outside the company?

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Are you using 2-Factor authentication?

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Is 2-Factor authentication set mandatory?

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Are you using Context-Aware-Access?

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Is Google Vault in use for storing and deleting data?

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Are you using Google Workspace Data Loss Prevention features?

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Have you had concerns regarding email security?

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Is your email secured with SPF and DKIM records?

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Do you have other services that send out email in addition to Gmail?

Eg. services that send email directly or through Google SMTP-servers

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Are you using Google SAML and LDAP authentication possibilities?

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Have you planned and documented your user lifecycle management?

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Are you following new feature updates and are those brought into production?

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Are new features being communicated to the users?

Seems like you need to do more work on this and make sure your work is secure and efficient

Google Workspace's standard settings are not the best fit for most companies. You should always modify them according to your processes and update them when new features come up. This is especially important from a security perspective – and, of course, to guarantee the efficiency of your employees.

We recommend a full Health Check for you. It's an easy and cost-efficient way to figure out what your next steps should be.

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Your Workspace is mostly in good condition, but there were a few worrying gaps in your answers.

It could be that your employees are struggling with their tools, work does not flow as it should, and your information security is not yet top-notch.

We would recommend booking a quick chat with our experts – they can take a look at your bottlenecks and share their tips on how you should move forward.


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Nice, everything seems to be in pretty good shape!

But if you had trouble answering some of the questions, it still might be a good idea to check your Google Workspace and see how you could improve work efficiency with it.

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