Get a Health Check for Google Workspace 2475 €

Get the most out of your Google Workspace. Our Health Check reveals any underlying issues and provides you with a clear roadmap for developing your current tools, ways of working, and security. 🌡

Yes, I want a Health Check | 2475 €

Get the full potential from your existing Google tools.

If you haven’t audited your Google Workspace in a while, there is a big chance you are not yet taking full advantage of what it has to offer. This Health Check helps you to spot the gaps in your set up and make the most of it.

Save money & get rid of extra costs.

During the audit we’ll make sure your licenses are up to date and you don’t have any overlapping tools in use. In many cases, you can use Google Workspace’s own tools instead of paying for another solution. Nobody likes wasting money but clearly there’s nothing worse than paying for unnecessary software. 💰

Secure your business.

Is everyone in your company using Google Workspace the same way? We will check your processes and policies and suggest how to improve them. This way you are able to mitigate security risks and save your employees’ time.

“Thanks to Gapps, our file management system is much better, both internally and externally. Sharing information and onboarding new employees is now quick and easy.”

Hanna Harjula, COO, Advance B2B

Hanna Harjula, Advance B2B

What you’ll get?

So what does our Health Check take into account?
We will check your Google Workspace from the following points of view: 

  • IT infrastructure
  • Security & compliance
  • Identity and access management
  • Ways of working


  • Devices
  • Licensing
  • Cloud platforms
  • New feature release management

After reviewing these, we’ll provide you an actionable list of improvements that you can start implementing right away.

Take a sneak peek below to get an idea how the outcome of the audit may look like. 👇

Example of Google Workspace Health Check Gapps

Our Health Check includes

2 x 2-hour workshop where we will go through your current situation.

A deep-dive roadmap that helps you improve your IT processes, security, and tools.

1-hour walkthrough of the roadmap with our expert.

All you have to do is make sure the person/people in charge of your IT show up and are ready to answer our questions.

Get started with your Health Check

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