Test if your Google Workspace is in shape

Are your Google Workspace’s settings, licenses, and security up to date? Take this free test and see what you should improve! 👇

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With this Health Test, you’ll find out quickly if

  • your environment is secure
  • your employees are using the right tools
  • the structure of your Google Drive is well-thought, and employees can find everything easily
  • you have the necessary security features in use
  • your identity management is up to date

Take our test to see if you are all clear or if you need to take any further steps to ensure the security and functionality of your Google Workspace.

Why should you take this test?

Google Workspace is such an intuitive tool that it’s easy to start using it as it is. However, if Drive, Gmail, Sheets, Meet, Slides, and Docs are your employees’ daily tools, that is not enough. 

Google Workspace’s standard settings are not the best fit for most companies

You should always modify them according to your processes. This is especially important from a security perspective.

Employees don’t usually know how to use these tools most efficiently.

Teaching them best practices saves a lot of time.

New features are published constantly.

 If you don’t actively familiarize yourself with new possibilities and develop your environment, you are missing out – big time.