Freshservice report: How to measure the value of IT Service Management?

Technology-driven development projects and innovations are behind the success of many companies. However, even the best technology is not enough. In digitalizing organizations, one of the most important success factors is people. The right technology makes working smoother and creates the basis for a customer-oriented culture and happy employees.

Freshservice's 2023 Service Management Benchmark report shows what methods companies around the world are using to achieve better customer and employee experiences. Download the report to see how your IT compares to global benchmarks. 


Build an organization with exceptional and employee-centric IT service

This report will show how your KPIs measure against the global IT benchmarks and provide insights on what you can do to improve employee and customer experiences.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • The 7 KPIs of Service Management

  • How to improve IT agents’ productivity and service efficiency

  • How to achieve fast time-to-value at scale

  • Key factors impacting customer satisfaction scores

  • Benchmarks across 14 industries, regions, and company sizes

Download here

Creating exceptional employee experience with outstanding service management - Gapps & Freshservice ✨

At Gapps, we offer expertise in digital service management and service planning.

We help you implement a digital service management platform that offers an exceptional service experience. We can produce both internal and external service management in a communal and controlled manner using the one-stop-shop principle while strengthening the best possible employee experience. We work in a people-oriented way, and thanks to our technology know-how, we are the best IT service management partner for companies that you can imagine - from humans to humans.

Freshservice is a flexible and easy-to-use service management platform that helps companies modernize the employee experience, automate service request processes, maximize usability, and expand services beyond IT. Freshservice enables scaling and the use of artificial intelligence in an agile and cost-effective manner.

Learn more about what you can achieve with Gapps and Freshservice here.