The leading Nordic cloud partner at the cutting edge of sustainable development – that’s what we’re aiming for

Gapps’s operations are designed with both people and the environment in mind. We design cloud-based work environments that meet the requirements of modern work and the environment. We use Google Cloud – a 100% carbon-neutral cloud service.


Google Cloud reduces your company’s carbon footprint

Involve IT operations in achieving your company’s climate goals! Google Cloud is carbon neutral and powered by renewable energy. This means that every operation you move to Google reduces your company’s carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly data centres

Google has the most efficient and environmentally friendly data centres in the industry. Google’s climate goals and achievements are eight years ahead of the rest of the industry.

Sustainable work culture

A sustainable work culture improves employee well-being and protects the environment.


Chrome devices have a long lifespan. Devices need to be replaced less frequently. An old PC can also be turned into a Chrome device, thus extending its lifespan. Read more about Chromebooks.

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How to make IT services more sustainable?
24 Feb, 2022 - Work 4.0

How to make IT services more sustainable?

Last week, Finnish periodical Tivi noted that the IT sector has finally opened its eyes to sustainability and that in Sweden, competitive tendering processes...

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