Google Workspace Security Assessment by Gapps

Ensuring the security of your Google Workspace environment is crucial. Gapps, a recognized security expert and a Google Premier Partner, offers a comprehensive security assessment to safeguard your organization's security settings and policies and ensurin robust security for your Google Workspace environment.

Get a comprehensive view of your current Google Workspace environment

We evaluate, analyze and interview your security experts on the the business continuity plan and your current Google Workspace configuration and processes.

Receive a report with a detailed list of findings and recommendations

We map the findings with prioritized recommendations on how to improve your collaboration environment’s security posture

Improve your Security

We create a strategic overview and a clear  comprehensive development roadmap for security improvements. You decide how to go forward with the recommendations and security best practices.

Performing a GWS Security assessment is a must. It includes auditing security settings and policies within Google Workspace, crafting an implementation plan to tackle security enhancement initiatives, and technically empowering your team to execute essential recommendations. The deliverables include a comprehensive review of your security settings aligned with Google's best practices, an executive summary of recommendations, and a prioritized action list for enhancing security measures.

Google Workspace Security

What you’ll get?

So, what does Google Workspace Security Assessment by Gapps take into account? Our certified security experts review and evaluate your Google Workspace environment's technical configuration, policies and procedures compared to Google's best practices, focusing on these areas:

  • Identity & Authentication
  • Administration policies
  • Application Integrations
  • Auditing and Security Ops
  • Mail Settings
  • Drive Settings
  • Additional Service Settings
  • Device Management

We create a comprehensive view of your current security posture in Google Workspace by auditing your Google Workspace security setup, assessing various aspects such as account recovery protocols, alerting mechanisms, monitoring procedures, user training practices, and incident response strategies. Based on our findings, we offer tailored recommendations to enhance your Google Workspace security measures and provide clear guidance on prioritizing and implementing these improvements effectively.

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