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Google Workspace – everything you need for efficient work

Google Workspace includes all the productivity tools for your people to connect, create, and collaborate. We help your teams to use these tools efficiently and securely.

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Develop your Google Workspace and ways of working with us

We’ll help you create an easily manageable, secure environment to deliver the best possible outcomes for your community. You can use our expertise as a one-time project, or on a continuous basis to guarantee things like:


Simple Identity and Access Management

Ensure new employees have instant access to necessary folders and calendar invites, while ex-employees are promptly removed. Instead of updating everyone’s accesses separately, streamline the process and reduce manual work with Cloud Identities, and Groups.


Secure environment and folder structure

With Google Workspace, you can easily take advantage of built-in security features such as 2-step verification, security keys, security alerts, and other essentials. Additionally, it’s important to have file-sharing governance, email backups and organized folder structure in place.

Efficient, skillful employees

Efficient, skillful employees

Leverage your digital workplace investment to the fullest. You can get more out of everyday tools when your staff knows how to use the possibilities offered by modern cloud-based tools. For example, Google Sheets is more versatile and efficient than traditional spreadsheet programs. Make sure your employees can work efficiently with their everyday tools by keeping them up to date. We provide trainings that improve productivity and help your employees perform better. 

Not sure where to start? Do a Health Check for your Google Workspace. You’ll get clear action points on how to develop your environment.

Check the health of your Google Workspace

Ensure the security of your Google Workspace environment.

We offer a comprehensive security assessment to safeguard your organisation's security settings and policies and ensuring robust security for your Google Workspace environment.

Google Workspace Security Assessment gives you a strategic overview and a clear  comprehensive development roadmap for security improvements. You decide how to go forward with the recommendations and security best practices.

Read more about Google Workspace Security Assessment

Why Gapps?

Gapps 1 Secure your data Get all work done during office hours Never outgrow your business-critical tools
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Processes built around people – not technologies

Technology is meant to simplify people’s lives. We start by understanding your employees' struggles and what you are trying to achieve. We will help you get there with the best tools, workflows, processes, and ensuring change management and onboarding are done properly.

Customer care and support our clients rave about

Our Google Workspace clients are extremely happy with our support – we offer admin assistance and resolve your end user’s problems so you can concentrate on the important stuff. 


We know how to make work easier

We excel at reducing the work that burdens you and your wallet the most: continuous license optimization, new feature implementation, access management, and taking care of workers. Maintaining a clean environment is easy when the ways of working, folder structures, and accesses are set up purposefully.


We take care of the tiniest details

We don’t leave any stones unturned: whatever issues arise with your IT infrastructure, we investigate and resolve them according to best industry practices. Focus on what matters the most to you, and we take care of the rest.

Looking for Google Workspace licenses?

You can get the licenses directly from us – along with assistance for picking the right one so you won’t end up overpaying. We’ll help you pick the most suitable option without additional charge.

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Why Google Workspace?

Everyday tools you offer can either attract expertise in or repel it. With Google Workspace your company will belong to the first category. With its help:

Work is no longer a place but can happen from anywhere. Employees can bridge the gap between physical and virtual, and make collaboration more human.

Employees can deliver impact instead of having to use 20% of their time to look for information. 

You can use tools like AppSheet to add workflow efficiency for Enterprise users or Duet AI to leverage the power of AI.

What is Gemini for Google Workspace?

Bring your best ideas to life with Gemini for Google Workspace. Gemini is the AI-powered assistant from Google, built right into Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and more, with enterprise-grade security and privacy. We at Gapps support you in every step of your AI integration, from thoughtful planning to skill development.



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