Smoother work accelerates the international growth of Advance B2B



Clumsy folder structure prevented information from being shared effectively, slowing down work in the entire organisation. Employees also wanted to have a common set of rules to make day to day work more smooth.


Access rights were redefined, and the folder structure was simplified. Responsibilities were redefined.


Everything is in its proper place and everyone plays by the same rules. Cooperation now works as it should in a location-independent organisation.


The challenge of the growing company was that work was still being done under the old rules, everyone in their own way. The folder structure in Google Drive was clumsy, making collaboration difficult. Access rights were specified without giving it proper thought.

Moreover, as Advance did not have a full-time, inhouse IT team, a specialized partner was needed to solve the situation.

Gapps answered the call.

Support and smoother use

For a company growing and going international, Google Workspace is an essential tool. The tools need to work and their use be as smooth as possible.

As Advance is always "online", there needs to be support available for the tools. As one outcome of the project, Advance now has one dedicated person responsible for the system internally.

“Thanks to Gapps, our file management system is much better, both internally and externally. Sharing information and onboarding new employees is now quick and easy. In the future, we aim to reduce the amount of internal manual admin work to the minimum. That way we can focus better on what we are good at: enabling our customers to grow," says Advance’s COO Hanna Harjula.

You don’t have to be an expert in everything

Advance urges all expert organisations to focus on what they are best at. For any other job, you can find a specialized partner.

“The Gappsians are experts at what they do and also great at listening to the customer. Cooperation with them was smooth and pleasant right from the start,” sums up Harjula.