Disaster Recovery and Data Protection made easy

Are you prepared for potential business disruption? With 70% of organizations grappling with unrecoverable SaaS data loss, safeguarding your data becomes your most crucial business asset – after your employees, of course. Our SaaS-based solutions ensure swift recovery, cost reduction, and heightened cyber resilience. Explore secure platforms for data backup, disaster recovery, and more, providing a comprehensive and scalable approach to managing and recovering your data securely.

Maximize Your Data Protection Experience

Modernize your data protection strategy

We help you reduce the cost and complexity of managing your backups by using Druva

Accelerate and protect your multi-cloud projects

With us, you can make data resiliency foundational to the cloud journey. Achieve this with Druva’s central visibility, security, and protection across workloads and applications.

Improve your cyber resiliency posture

Future-proof your organization's cyber resiliency across operational, data, and services and automate ransomware recovery.

Why Disaster Recovery & Data Protection?

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Better data protection strategy

Druva is the solution that transforms how businesses safeguard, govern, and harness intelligence from their data. Druva redefines data protection, disaster recovery, and management.


100% SaaS, No Infrastructure Dependencies

Druva offers a seamless experience with a 100% Software as a Service (SaaS) model, eliminating the need for infrastructure dependencies. Enjoy a streamlined and efficient solution that adapts to your business needs.


Zero-Trust, Compliant, and Scalable Cloud Data Protection Platform

Trust in a zero-trust environment with Druva's compliant and scalable cloud data protection platform. Your data is safeguarded with the highest security, compliance, and scalability standards.


Unified Customer Experience Across All Workloads and Use Cases

Enjoy a unified customer experience across diverse workloads and use cases. Druva seamlessly integrates with various scenarios, ensuring consistency and ease of use, regardless of the complexity of your data management needs.


Maximize the Value of All Your Business Critical Data

Druva empowers you to extract maximum value from your business-critical data. Whether for insights, compliance, or strategic decision-making, Druva ensures your data is protected and becomes a valuable asset for your organization.



Efficiently manage data storage with automatic tiering, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

Global Deduplication

Global Deduplication

Reduce storage requirements and enhance efficiency through global data deduplication across the platform.


Data Visibility

Gain a comprehensive view of your data landscape, empowering you with insights for informed decision-making.


Policy Automation

Streamline data management tasks with automated policies, enhancing operational efficiency.



Scale seamlessly into the petabyte range, accommodating the evolving needs of your growing business.



Ensure the safety of your data through robust security measures, establishing a fortified defence against potential threats.

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