BigQuery – a cost-effective and scalable data warehouse

BigQuery is a cloud-based data warehouse from Google. It functions based on SaaS principles and can be scaled up to process up to hundreds of petabytes. It can be set up in a matter of minutes and does not require the user to provide or manage servers. BigQuery is suitable for organisations who want to preserve their data capabilities now and in the future.

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We bring experience to the table

We have collaborated with Finnish forerunner organisations and built data warehouses to meet modern analytics requirements.

Proven data engineering expertise

Gapps’s data engineering team helps you at every stage of the data supply chain, from setting up a data platform to utilising data. The team consists of Google-certified specialists.

Data-based decision-making in real time

Update your old data solutions with modern technology that scales up as the amount of data in your system grows and enables real business development innovation.

What is BigQuery?

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Easily scalable

BigQuery is a clean SaaS service that is part of Google Cloud Platform. It can be scaled up from a handful of the smallest files to hundreds of petabytes.


BigQuery’s massive capacity significantly reduces the time spent processing data and allows for large queries on the scale of, for example, a terabyte to take only seconds.

Cost effective

In terms of overall costs, BigQuery is, on average, 26–34% cheaper than other cloud-based data platforms (such as Snowflake or Synapse). The first 10 GB of storage and 1 TB of queries are free.

Quick and easy to use

Native integration with most Google services, such as Google Analytics and Maps. You could, for example, start right away with your own marketing data and later expand to other data sources.


BigQuery has Google Cloud Platform’s data security constantly running in the background and column-level access control for data. You can manage your encryption keys yourself or leave it to Google.

BigQuery and data

Creating a genuinely data-driven workplace culture is an opportunity many organisations haven’t grasped yet. If you want to have extensive experience and a modern vision at your disposal, we are the operator you can trust to provide.


Data strategy validation


Data platform set up


Data architecture design


Analytics and BI


Integrations and ETL


Machine Learning


DataOps and continuous services


Data security and data governance

BHG Group Finland

"We would probably have been able to build a solution of some sort ourselves with enough time, but, in order to get everything moving forward, it was a top priority to get analytics expertise from Gapps."

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“We are inspired by the opportunity to work with a company like BHG Group Finland that understands the value and opportunities of data.”

Tuomas Lähteenmäki, Gapps


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