Gapps introduces a new 24/7 Managed Services offering that provides continuous support for Google Cloud

The 24/7 Managed Services offers peace of mind and continuous support for Google Cloud environments

Finland's leading Google Cloud Premier partner, Gapps Ltd., is expanding its service portfolio to meet the growing needs of Finnish companies for comprehensive support, expertise, and secure management in Google Cloud services. Gapps' new 24/7 Google Cloud Managed Services offering provides round-the-clock support for even the most demanding requirements.

Current public cloud platforms are vast entities with their features, and mastering them requires significant focus and expertise. There has been a lack in the market of a Managed Services provider solely dedicated to Google Cloud, with years of experience and over 90 clients familiar with Google Cloud's best practices and unique features. Customers whose primary public cloud is Google Cloud can now easily trust Gapps' Managed Services, which can adapt to their needs around the clock.

"Cloud services are the cornerstone of business for an increasing number of Finnish companies, and we want to ensure the functionality of these services for our customers around the clock," says Gapps CTO, Tuomas Hulkkonen. "With our 24/7 Managed Services, we can ensure that our customers receive the assistance and support they need, whether it's morning, evening, or night."

Google's certified specializations in Google Cloud's security and infrastructure, as well as our focus solely on Google Cloud expertise among major public clouds, allow us to serve those customers with deep expertise who have chosen Google Cloud as their core cloud infrastructure."
CTO Tuomas Hulkkonen, Gapps

24/7 Managed Services enables continuous security monitoring and response

The new 24/7 service enables information security monitoring around the clock, bringing significant advantages to business from the point of view of time management and budgeting. Google Cloud Managed Service includes platform-specific SecOps, FinOps and SRE expertise (Site reliability engineering), and ensures that cloud infrastructure issues are quickly detected and resolved, reducing business interruptions and disruptions.

Proactively managing and ensuring the security of cloud platforms is paramount in modern cloud management. At Gapps, we take security very seriously and are committed to protecting our customer's data and systems using the best technology available. Our 24/7 management service includes comprehensive security monitoring, configuration management, and responding to security threats to ensure that our customers' Google Cloud environments are always protected." CTO Tuomas Hulkkonen, Gapps.

Gapps is a Finnish IT consultancy company offering a wide range of cloud services and consulting services to businesses in various industries in the Nordics. Gapps is known for its technical expertise, customer-focused strategies, and high-quality customer support related to Google products.