Case Pågå: Modernising CRM as the driving force for business growth

Cooperation in brief

Starting point Keys to success End result
A need to leverage modern technology for improving customer experience and business predictability was identified.    

Integration with the existing ERP system and active, transparent and collaborative project communication ensured success.

A modern and easy-to-use CRM that supports business growth by improving customer experience and business predictability. 


Event specialist Pågå improves customer experience and business predictability with modernizing CRM platform  

Pågå has been operating for a long time and customer projects have been managed systematically for several years. To enable growth and improve efficiency, the customer relationship management process needed to be updated.

Pågå is constantly developing its internal operations and aims to be a pioneer in the digitalisation of the event industry. The aim of digitalisation was to ensure the best possible service for the customer by increasing transparency and data points from different stages of the customer's journey. The CRM project started with an analysis of three different platforms, says Jarno Salmivuori, Head of Business Development at Pågå.

During the evaluation phase monday sales CRM stood out

The evaluation phase and needs assessment between different CRM systems ensured that a technological platform was chosen that can also manage customer projects and integrate with the existing ERP system without months of customization. The winner of the evaluation phase and tender was the monday sales CRM, thanks to its modern features it enables flexibility, scalability, and transparency for customer relationship management, and supports project management process. In addition, it could be integrated with the existing ERP system without extensive custom code.

The choice of technology is just the beginning of a long journey to design and implementation

Even the best platform does not implement itself, so Pågå wanted to ensure that the design and implementation of architecture was successful. The natural choice for Pågå was Gapps, the only certified partner in Finland.

Together with Gapps and, Pågå set out to implement a project that would make it easy to combine communication with customers with transparent sales reporting, forecasting and sales performance management. The idea was also to integrate with an ERP system called Rentman to make project management seamless.
Future development plans envisage moving project management and internal development projects to, creating a more integrated system.

What is the monday sales CRM?

The monday sales CRM is a flexible, and fully customizable customer relationship management platform. In addition, its sales performance management capabilities were a particularly good fit for Pågå's business. The monday CRM works in a flexible and transparent way to build and manage a high quality lead process, from prospect to customer service. Each user can organise their own personal dashboard to help them manage their own work. At the same time, it collects real-time data on the various stages of the sales process for use by sales management.


[Illustration of monday Sales CRM Dashboard]

The monday sales CRM has all the necessary features to manage the entire sales pipeline from an initial lead to deal closure without the need to manually transfer information between different programs. In addition, its easy-to-use automation tools support sales and post-sales marketing by using automated reminders.

Gapps led the CRM modernising project with competence and success

The launch of the new CRM coincided with the company’s busiest business season, which posed a challenge for the successful completion of the project. Thanks to the strong commitment of Pågå’s management and the expertise of Gapps, the project was successfully completed.

Gapps' human-centred project management model ensured that the right things were done at the right time while the communication remained transparent. In addition, Gapps ensured that the new process met the needs of all those working at the organisation's customer interface, as well as the management's need for business predictability. Throughout the project, there was an operating environment that made daily work easier by automating the work phases.

Gapps' systematic approach ensured successful completion of the project. Important factors for success were, among other things, weekly check-up meetings, pilot groups, support for change management and communication provided by Gapps. Gapps managed the project with clear leadership and ensured the completion of the project.” 
- Jarno Salmivuori, Pågå

From Sheets and various Google Drive folders to transparent customer relationship management

Prior to the implementation of the monday sales CRM, account management was carried out in sheets and Google Drive folders. Sales management, from an inbound lead to deal closure, took place in a number of different sheets. In the new customer relationship management system, the process was streamlined, ensuring that no lead, deal or quote request was lost in the process.

The monday sales CRM harmonises the way we work. We have had different ways of working over the years, and now makes it possible to unify and optimise the customer experience at every touchpoint of the customer journey. For example, in unexpected situations such as sick leave, anyone can join in an ongoing discussion and the customer does not have to recap the previous discussions or  what has been agreed so far.” - Jarno Salmivuori, Pågå

Modern CRM platform improves employee and customer experience

The new CRM platform harmonised processes and made Pågås operations more transparent. Sales performance, reporting, and day-to-day management have been greatly improved. In addition, Pågå was able to use a comprehensive library of message templates in customer relationship management. This new approach has also improved predictability and target management, says Jarno Salmivuori from Pågå. Business proactivity, supply security, and customer service security have also improved.

Every morning, I open my own dashboard, which shows leads and sales opportunities, as well as the different stages of ongoing conversations, all in one view. The monday sales CRM has already changed the way I manage my own work and it has made the time I spend on sales management more efficient.” - Jarno Salmivuori, Pågå

A competent partner reduces project planning and implementation time

For Pågå, the modernisation of the CRM system was a business process priority, which made successful completion a priority. It was recognised early on that the project would require the expertise of a specialist. Important factors in the selection of partners included technological competence, integration capabilities and a turnkey partnership where you can be confident that what has been agreed will be done within the agreed timeframe. 
Gapps demonstrated a clear commitment to the successful completion of the project from the very beginning. In addition, their technological expertise was a key consideration. Gapps' flexible, transparent and reliable way of working also deserves a special mention," continues Jarno.

Pågå's transformational journey in customer relationship management demonstrates how digital solutions can streamline operations, increase transparency, improve customer service and predictability, and support business growth, not to mention an improved employee experience.

Pågå's operations are underpinned by a desire to exceed customer expectations and achieve success. This success is based on strong project expertise, and everything is done with a passion for high quality projects and an uncompromising desire to always provide the same quality of service to customers. This is now being realised not only in the delivery of projects, but also in account management, where the customer promise is lived and breathed through business processes. 

About Pågå

Pågå is a Finnish company specializing in the design, implementation, and furnishing of structures for media productions, virtual events and studios, artist and exhibition sets, and structures for events and trade fairs.

Pågå also manufactures high-quality custom-made furniture for offices, commercial premises, restaurants, and hotels, and in addition to store furniture, also makes various promo elements and brand visualizations. Whether it's a large public event or a smaller Christmas party, exhibition stand, media production, exhibition space, or temporary furniture for a pop-up cafe, you'll find the best and most innovative solutions from Pågå.