Achieving Excellence: From Silver to Gold Partner in One Remarkable Year

In the dynamic world of modern business, milestones are more than just markers; they are celebrations of dedication, growth, and success. Today, we proudly unveil our journey from Silver Partner to Gold Partner with in a mere year – a testament to our unwavering commitment and the exceptional synergy between Gapps and the modern Work OS platform.

At Gapps, we have always believed in the power of collaboration and efficiency. Over the past year, our partnership with has not only flourished but also reached new heights, culminating in our exclusive status as the only Gold Partner in Finland. This achievement reflects the dedication of our team and the effectiveness of's cutting-edge Work OS, which has truly transformed how our customers work.

As a team, we've embraced the opportunities that offers, and it's incredible to see the impact reflected in our Gold Partner status. This achievement is a testament to our shared commitment to innovation and excellence," says Pekka Alhonsalo, Business Development Lead at Gapps.

Empowering Productivity Through Collaboration and Innovation

Our success story extends beyond the platform, however. Gapps has also made significant strides on the Google Cloud side, attaining a coveted security specialization, an achievement that is shared by only 28 other companies globally. This dual accomplishment speaks to our comprehensive approach to modern work solutions and our ability to navigate the evolving landscape of digital collaboration.

As far as partnerships go, Gapps has exceeded our expectations. Their journey to Gold Partner status results from a shared vision with us at about our consistent pursuit of excellence," adds Matias Hansen, Senior Channel Partner Manager, Nordics at Hansen further expresses satisfaction, noting that Gapps seamlessly aligns with the ethos of "I'm happy to say that they are a clear extension of our business."

In the past year Gapps has been a valuable partner for many companies in different industries designing and building business processes - E.g. OKR -process for Sharper Shape and sales & CRM software for Pågå. On top of building business processes we have been building integrations between and third-party softwares to  make the daily work easier. 

We are incredibly proud of the achievements we have accomplished together with The flexibility and adaptability of our "partner in crime" have empowered us to enhance productivity, streamline processes, and foster a collaborative work environment. These enhancements have driven measurable improvements across all facets of our customers operations." says Krista Nykänen
Service Lead at Gapps.

As we bask in the glow of our Gold Partner status, we extend our gratitude to the entire Gapps team, our valued clients, and our partners at Together, we have not only embraced the present but have also set the stage for future accomplishments. This commitment solidifies our dedication to continued innovation and excellence in collaboration.

Here's to a future filled with creativity, partnership, and continued success! 🎉

To explore our journey and the platform, visit our services page: Gapps & Services. For insights into our collaborative experiences and reflections on the partnership, please read our blog: Welcome to the Family,!