Monday Sales CRM Challenging Market Leaders




While is perhaps best known as a comprehensive project management tool, it now offers an extensive sales CRM system as well. Monday Sales CRM incorporates all the necessary features to manage the entire sales process, from lead generation to contract completion, eliminating the need to transfer data between different programs manually. Additionally, its user-friendly automation tools support sales and post-sales marketing by providing automatic reminders.

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Monday Sales CRM Gains Popularity Among Users with Its Features and User-Friendliness


Based on respected G2 software user reviews, Monday Sales CRM has quickly risen to seventh place on the top list, challenging market leaders with its features and user-friendliness. G2 is the largest and most trusted software marketplace, utilized by over 90 million users – including Fortune 500 company employees – who rely on authentic peer reviews when making software choices.

If you already use Monday's project management tool, why not transfer CRM functions to a familiar interface whose functionalities rank seventh best according to thousands of G2 user reviews in a short time?

Monday's various service packages allow for easy system adoption and expansion as the business grows. It's user-friendly yet highly versatile and customizable, catering to various needs companies may face. Monday Sales CRM offers key CRM features, such as mass emails and an HTML editor, shared inboxes, and an AI-powered email generator.

The CRM system's codeless automation significantly eases work, allowing tasks to be automated, notifications to be delivered based on specific actions, and permits entire CRM workflows and new integrations to be installed with just one click.

Streamlining the Sales Process: Accelerating Modern Sales


Monday Sales CRM aims to streamline the sales process by offering flexible and transparent building and management of high-quality lead processes from prospect to customer and upselling. At the same time, it gathers real-time data for sales management on the different stages of the sales process.

Whether starting a new customer relationship, managing an existing one, or reporting the efficiency of various stages of the sales process, monday Sales CRM ensures that the information you need is easily accessible. Each user can organize their personal dashboard to support the management of their work.

Are you looking to modernize your company's customer and sales management? Monday's new sales CRM operates as a standalone component, providing organizations with a fully customizable way to revamp their sales and marketing processes. Instead of switching between different applications, you can bring data directly from Excel, Sheets, or another CRM, so all the information you need is visible from one interface.


What Made Påga Choose Monday Sales CRM?


Påga is continuously developing its operations, aiming to be a pioneer in event industry digitalization. Påga wanted to harness modern technologies to improve customer experience and business predictability. The flexible customer relationship management and leadership platform offered by Monday Sales CRM, along with its diverse sales monitoring features, suited Påga's business particularly well. Needs assessment among different CRM systems ensured the selection of a system that also enables customer project management and integration into existing ERP systems, without months of customization and custom code.

Together with Gapps and, Påga embarked on a project that offered a smooth way to integrate communication with customers into transparent sales reporting, forecasting, and goal management. In the future, Påga's development plans include transferring project management and internal development projects to, creating an even more cohesive entity.

Gapps customer success story

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Already Using a Functional CRM System?


If you already have a functional CRM system but it needs to serve you more comprehensively, quickly and effortlessly import the desired data through an interface into the Monday Sales CRM product and reshape your processes in a new way.

  • Have you ever imagined yourself visualizing numbers in an easily accessible way?
  • Are you interested in bringing customer contacts from your website directly into your sales system as ready leads?
  • And have you thought about collecting customer feedback on your sales process?
  • However, have you considered viewing your sales funnel as a resource view, giving you insight into how much capacity your salespeople have to close new deals?

With Monday Sales CRM, business management, sales teams, and RevOps can manage the entire sales funnel from prospects to upselling with existing customers, as all customer data is centralized. All post-sales activities can also be managed directly from Monday Sales CRM, connecting all the company's stakeholders and ensuring smooth business processes.


If you're looking for a versatile and user-friendly sales CRM system that seamlessly integrates with monday's other functions, Monday Sales CRM might just be what you need.  Want to discuss with our experts? - Book a time for a meeting!