Welcome to the family, Freshworks!

Trailblazing employee and customer experience with Freshworks

For a business to flourish, people need to flourish – from the personnel to the end customer. Freshworks will help us to further enhance our customers’ digital tools and working methods. The employee and customer experience is about to shake off the vestiges of the past and take a giant leap towards a pioneering future.

We are ideally set up for collaboration because we are both aiming for the same things. Gapps’ mission is to make work smart and enjoyable. This intertwines perfectly with the mission of Freshworks: to make it fast and easy to delight customers and employees. Herve Danzelaud, Vice President of Global Channels and Alliances at Freshworks, says:

Freshworks’ mission is to make it fast and easy for businesses to delight their customers and employees. We very much look forward to building a deeper relationship with Gapps so we can work together to delight our joint customers with modern CRM, IT and CX solutions.

In the future, we will work together to create a better customer and employee experience with the help of smart tools and efficient ways of working. Freshworks offers modern, easy-to-use and cost-effective tools, which we will use as a foundation for building functional processes ranging from technical deployment to the continuous development of the environment and efficient working methods.


As our Freshworks client, you will receive continuous service

The SaaS world is developing at an accelerated rate: new features are being added all the time, services are expanding and offering businesses new opportunities, the potential for integration is increasing, and the user experience is getting better and better. Amidst this whirlwind of change, you should not think that everything will be completely finished upon deployment.

That is why we are working with Freshworks in the same way we work with the other top-of-the-line SaaS solutions in our offering. We offer continuous partnership and services in every critical area:

  • Enhancing the external and internal customer experience
  • Technical deployment
  • Continuous information security management
  • Change management
  • Environment management and user support
  • Cost optimisation
  • Development of working methods

Many organisations recognise that a continuous partnership and services are the best way to manage and develop a SaaS environment. A partnership ensures the development of the environment and the continuity of user training for the service. If you want to use your in-house resources to focus on developing your core business, working with an expert partner is a good investment.

Investments in enhancing the customer and employee experience are becoming increasingly popular. One example of this is Gapps' first Freshworks client relationship, which began before we announced our Freshworks partnership. We are modernising and expanding the client’s internal IT service management so that employees have a better user experience and can work more efficiently.


Let's look at Freshservice and Freshdesk more closely

Freshworks consists of several services designed for different needs and functions: the solutions include an HR system, marketing solutions and an IT tool. We are initially focusing on Freshservice and Freshdesk.

Freshservice is a smart and agile service management solution

Freshservice is a smart Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) system that enhances the efficiency of work and improves the employee experience. The service is especially suitable for organisations that want to develop their businesses through better IT operations. In the optimum case, Freshservice can be used to create a service concept to cover the needs of your entire organisation.

Your IT team will work more effectively when they use a single, easy-to-use service management solution instead of a multitude of different channels. Among other things, Freshservice facilitates user account creation, password changes, hardware procurement, ticketing for error messages and support requests, and communication between departments.

Freshdesk is a multi-channel customer experience solution

Freshdesk makes it easy to delight your customers. It helps you to deliver rapid, high-quality customer service in all the channels that customers want to use. Creating an omnichannel customer experience has never been this easy.

The easy-to-use tool enhances collaboration in the customer service team, and the automation of repetitive tasks reduces the workload. When customer service agents feel that their work is meaningful, the customer experience will also be tip-top.