Returning Gappsians: what made them come back?

What originally fascinated you about Gapps?

Erkki: I immediately got to work with a large and interesting group of organisations, and at the same time, I quickly learned about different sectors and operating methods. For me, the most important thing was to enable a tangible change in customers’ businesses, driven by my firm belief in the service Gapps offers.

Sini: I got my first taste of the company when I attended a Gapps event. Gapps stood out as a trailblazing startup using the best technologies, and as a place where employees are given responsibility and get to learn a lot. When I started working at Gapps, my first impressions were confirmed, and in addition to that, I also got some lovely colleagues.

Tuomas: Gapps seemed an interesting entity: Google technology was fascinating, and I got to do some familiar project work with it. In addition, one large deal had just gone through when I started, and I got to work with the customer. The Gapps team, their mindset and atmosphere – they all made a good impression.

Serina: IT was a new and unfamiliar sector for me, so I had a steep personal learning curve from day one. I also liked the way the training was implemented: the period consisted of different phases, and I was a fully-fledged team member throughout my time as a trainee. I also got to have a say on which areas I would like to learn more about.

Returning Gappsian Erkki

What made you come back?

E: I returned to Gapps when I was called and offered a new position. At that point, my own learning had reached a good stage, and Gapps offered me the opportunity to gain some managerial experience. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Si: It was the Gappsians that tempted me to come back. A return was also a good fit for me because I wanted to carry on working in a nice team and help to change and develop the way our customers work.

T: I was tempted to come back, but before I agreed to it, I was weighing up the safe and secure job I had at the time against a small growth company. However, I opted for adventure because I knew that I would learn a lot more at Gapps.

Se: The work community at Gapps made a lasting impression on me, and after my training period, I kept my eye on Gapps. I also kept in touch with my former colleagues, and I was delighted to be offered an interesting new opportunity at Gapps.

Returning Gappsian Sini

What is Gapps like as an employer?

E: Really open, honest, reliable and constructive. The mindset here is that people are on loan and that our shared journey with Gapps should be pleasant and mutually beneficial. I wouldn’t have come back without this culture and also the opportunity to influence the way work is done.

Si: It is flexible, fair, and listens to employees. Gapps has provided excellent support in everyday life. For example, in the spring of the coronavirus pandemic, we were given desks, chairs, and monitors to help us work from home. The salary is also good here, and the managers are excellent. Together, we are going above and beyond for each other and for our customers.

T: It is fair, employee-oriented, and trusting in individuals. We have a flat hierarchy and a joyful and practical atmosphere. Everyone can be themselves, and I would say that at Gapps, there is little difference between who we are during working hours and who we are in our spare time. This is by no means a foregone conclusion in other workplaces.

Se: Inspiring, as the people around me are genuinely enthusiastic about their jobs – the infectious kind of enthusiasm. Gapps is also fair and forward-looking, which makes it a continuously developing team of industry professionals.

Returning Gappsian Tuomas

What do you expect for Gapps in 2021?

E: Last year was highly unusual for everyone, but this year, we will return to our growth trajectory. The world has changed permanently – at least in part – and we need to reform if we intend to reach our goals. We should become closer partners for our customers and go above and beyond!

Si: Exciting! World domination! Wonderful new customers! We will also continue with self-development and learning new things.

T: I am looking forward to seeing how the world looks after the coronavirus. The times before, now, and after the coronavirus will be different in terms of the technological needs of organisations. Many firms are currently assessing their needs. Technology is already being used more extensively, leading to more opportunities for Gapps to influence and help. Some interesting new steps have been taken, and more are on the way. The direction is clear, and it is amazing to be able to expand horizons further.

Se: Achieving new things, both personally and together with Gappsians. I am looking forward to the realisation of the plans made for the year. It’s brilliant and exciting to be involved!

Returning Gappsian Serina

Gapps’ values guide everyday work

Gapps’ three values are continuous learning and innovation, community, and trust. You may have noticed that all of these pop up in our returnees’ answers several times. Our values are not just empty words; they genuinely guide us and the work we do at Gapps. You can read more about Gapps’ values in our Culture Handbook.